100-Year-Old Utah Church Lifted 40 Feet Above Ground Without Moving an Inch – Greight Spaces Interior Design May 21, 2015

Curated from: This is Colossal

Here’s an interesting article.

Something’s up in Provo, Utah and it weighs around seven million pounds. It’s the 112-year-old exterior of the Provo Tabernacle that was severely damaged in a 2010 fire but has since been saved by the LDS church so it can be converted into a temple.

Engineers first gutted the damaged interior and then supported the exterior walls with special
scaffolding as they dug down to create space for a two story basement, so in actuality the building hasn’t even moved.

The entire structure is now on stilts some 40 feet in the air and from some angles appears to be floating above ground, such as in the first photograph above provided by Brian Hansen. Additional photos courtesy the LDS Newsroom.

Curated from: This is Colossal

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