Green with Envy

Green with Envy September 15, 2014

Green is everywhere in Home Trends! Eco-Green products that is. Developing comfort in a home is important and utilizing the new trends in energy savings products provides a deeper satisfaction on many levels. The best home products are designed specifically to use less energy and improve your daily lifestyle. This is a great list topic . . . please allow me:

  • Glass – In the past year or so, insulated glass has become a staple in new home building and remodeling. Insulated glass is more costly than impact rated glass but deliver huge results. Insulated glass or ‘Low-E’ as the industry insider’s call doesn’t have to be tinted or darker to deliver the results. You might also find it relevant that not all sides of your home need bear the expense of this technology, but the rooms or exposure that call for it. Imagine, enjoying your view without the heat?
  • Hot Water – Keeping conversational- space saving hot water is proven European and commercial technology that only in the past few years quickly becoming a staple in south Florida residential homes. Ahhh, just the thought of limitless hot water with pressure excites us all. Relaxing in your hot shower whilst knowing you’ve lessened your carbon footprint and lowered your utility costs, priceless.
  • Fabrics – yes.. fabrics. Some hold fabric the fabric manufacturing industry as chemically inclined as leather tanning, au contraire Monsieur. Fabrics and even carpets have gone green! These new products provide a piece of mind; your labors choosing the finest products you could harvest and lace your home with are only what mother earth intended.
  • Lighting – without a doubt a detail that has likely reached your attention if you have attempted to purchase a light bulb recently. Plan on some extra time shopping and understanding the new wattage and lumen conversions the next time you stroll into your local hardware store. The LED technology has finally collided with the U.S. Government manufacturing regulations to flood (pun intended) the aisles with a sea of manufactures and products to choose from. The end result of new light bulbs: minimal energy usage, longer life and better light control. Win!

The list goes on, however assuming I’ve satisfied you’re your allotted time and Richards word count its likely a good point to draw conclusion. The truth is that Green in your home is wonderful, adds comfort, and provides a softer lifestyle with more convenience lowering utility bills. A noteworthy point here is not to become too carried away with Green, it can be costly too. It is important for you to find the right products and balance that best fit your lifestyle and needs.

William Meleski


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