We delight in connecting our working world with our community and neighbors. By fulfilling our civic responsibilities, we grow together as a community. As a business that serves, Greight Spaces deliberately chose to relocate its workplace to an area targeted for revitalization because we wanted to make a difference.

Upon opening our new office, we partnered with local artists and hosted visual arts exhibitions in our office space/transformed gallery. With thirty exhibitions that have featured hundreds of artists over the past five years, we still continue to play an active role in the community. Not only have we taken part in centennial celebrations, parades, and historical preservation efforts, but we have also supported numerous other like-minded, ongoing community efforts.

In addition to the rewards inherent in serving our local community, we also seek to improve the lives of others. We value the connections with the people we have met here – at home – in our local community, and we look forward to many more rewarding stewardship opportunities, now and in the future.

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