Construction is Like a Puzzle September 19, 2016

  Client needs, individual tastes, materials, products, construction … these are but a few of the pieces of the design puzzle that – when everything fits together perfectly – create works of art. Video produced by Jude Charles.

The Bigger Picture August 1, 2016

  Design and Build Brilliance means being thorough from start to finish. Ultimately, this mindset results in spectacular designs that withstand the test of time. Video produced by Jude Charles.

A Simple Plan May 19, 2016

  One often-overlooked component of a renovation is identifying all of your needs and wants before you begin. Taking the time to express exactly what you want to achieve simplifies the entire process. Video produced by Jude Charles.

Live Comfortably August 10, 2015

By understanding your personal definition of comfort, it’s possible to plan a design space that is stylish, organized, and beautiful – and truly customized to your individual preferences. Video filmed and edited by Jude Charles.

A Perfect Match June 8, 2015

What is your style? What are your favorite colors? What makes you unique? From the overall concept to the smallest detail, the best design projects are the ones that match your unique vision.

Stress-Free Design May 11, 2015

Working with a design team not only removes the stress from the design process, but it allows for synergy that results in the ultimate living space for you and your family. Video filmed and edited by Jude Charles.

Design and Build Brilliance April 6, 2015

Simply put, design and build brilliance means connecting the principles of design with functionality, customized to the individual’s tastes and preferences. Video filmed and edited by Jude Charles.

From House to Home March 16, 2015

When planning any design, consider elements that will transform your house into a home … a place for making memories, raising children, and seeking solace from the outside world. Video filmed and edited by Jude Charles.

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